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Monday, April 7th, 2014

STRENGTH 1) Back Squat: 4×8 2) Ladders WoD 5Rds: 5/ea KB Push Press 10 KB Swing 10 V-ups

Programming Announcement

PROGRAMMING SWITCH This post is to inform all of you that our CFBN programming will be changing starting Monday, April 7th. We will be switching to an 8-day cycle instead of our normal 5-day. This means that you will no longer be seeing the consistent strength schedule Monday-Friday. There will be more variance throughout the […]

Friday, March 28th, 2014

STRENGTH 1a) Deadlift: 3-4×5 Touch-n-Go; leave a few reps in the tank 1b) Broad Jump: 3-4×3; Reset each rep, stick landings 2)1-Hand Farmer Carry: 2-4 x 75m/arm WOD 10min AMRAP: 15 Wall Ball 10 Push-ups 7 Toes 2 Bar **If you’re doing the open see alternate**

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

STRONG 1) Ladder Drills:7-10min 2) 5-10-5: 3-5/ea 3) 3 Cone Drill: 5/ea 4) Kipping Pull-Ups -or- T2B: ~3-4 Practice Sets (practice whichever is worse) WOD 4Rds: 2min Row 4 TGU (2 per side) 6 Scoop Throws 8 V-ups + 8 Russian Twist